Job Opportunities: Sales Converser

Job Opportunities: Sales Converser

About the Job

MieWord is looking for sales convercer who will be responsible dor expanding the market through clients acquisation of new and existing clients

Functions of the Job
>Identify and target potential clients and expand the market within the region

>Meeting with the seller, artisans, business owners and handiworkers, to register and manage them as new clients

>Spredding the market information to the people

>Promoting the interest goals of the organisation

>Managing your own sales pipeline, you will be building a pipeline of the biggest companies and opportunities.

>Present sales and revenue forecasts to the management team. It's your market so you will be able to inform and update the management team on your progress and successes Identify emerging markets opportunities and market shifts.

1) Strong communication and sales skills
2) Experience on boarding clients and account management would be advantageous
3) Strong business sense and industry expertise of selling business services into SME and large
4) Ability to work well undepently and within a team
5) Demonstrated ability to identify and close sales.

Experience is great, but what we really looking for is ability to talk and convince people in other to achieve goals of the organisation.

You can apply here by sending your CV to the email address: [email protected]

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