How to link my Nimc NIN number to any network

Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) order all mobile phone users to link their Nimc NIN number to all the SIM card using in Nigeria.

All SIM owners need to guard sims and phone’s jealously this period especially those who have only one line.
A friend lost his phone with his lines some days ago.

That was when he realized that:
1. He cannot retrieve the line.
2. He cannot get a new line.
3. He cannot link his NIN to his line.

These are because the NCC/govt have stopped the registration of new lines and consequently you cannot do welcome back.
That means that you cannot use that line until the NIN update and submittion period is over.
Contacts, banking transactions, notes, WhatsApp, Facebook, messages etc..gone for now.

Please be sure you save guard your SIM and phone very well.

To submit your NIN number on any Nigeria network follow the procedures on each network. See from below network

MTN Network
Code for submittion dial: *785*then the eleven digit numbers #, for example: *785*NIN number#

Code to check your NIN number submitted dial *345#

Glo Network
Code to submit the NIN number dial: *109* NIN number # for example *109*12345678901# or text your NIN number to 109.

Airtel Network
Code to submit your NIN number dial: *121*1* then the NIN eleven digit numbers follow by  # for example *121*1*NIN number#

Retrieve your NIN number by dialling *346#

9mobile Network
Code for submitting NIN number dial: *200# then follow the procedure to add NIN eleven digit numbers or retrieve your NIN number submitted.

You can also link it directly by dialling this USSD code *996*NIN number# or visit
To link it too

(NCC) is the independent regulatory authority for the telecommunications industry in Nigeria.

NCC is Nigerian Communications Commission

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