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Published: December 11, 2020 (2 years ago)

The World’s Biggest & Simplest free crypto giveaway has begun! Acquired 2 Million+ users in just 30 days & set a start-up record as fastest growing crypto! Ecoin is the world’s fastest-growing Cryptocurrency powered by world’s first ‘AI driven email-based proxy identity engine’ which aims to launch the world’s biggest airdrop.

Ecoin is an ‘email-based proxy Identity platform’ that rewards only one email per user, we achieve this using our advanced AI engine, which ensures that one person can’t claim free tokens more than once.

As we use email for rewarding users, Ecoin will have the easiest onboarding mechanism for average users which greatly reduces the barrier for crypto adoption. Along with this, we have a simple yet powerful referral mechanism which ensures ‘Ecoin to be the first cryptocurrency to onboard billion users’.

Ecoin is a token based on EOS blockchain which can run as many as 5000 Tx per sec which is about 800 times faster than Bitcoin which means transactions on Ecoin are not only cheaper but also near-instant.

Ecoin has a supply of about 1 trillion coins of which 500 billion are locked in a smart contract which are released by about 50 billion every 6 months. The remaining 500 billion will be distributed to users who sign up on our platform. Ecoin is only the coin that is absolutely focused on mass adoption.

We are building on EOS which is the fastest blockchain out there. We are giving Ecoin for free for every one with an email. We have put in strong mechanisms to prevent price crash We are prepared to scale up to millions of users over night We are integrated with a Decentralised exchanged from day 1 so that everyone can buy these coins from our users and support ecoin ecosystem.

We plan to have multiple partnerships as we would achieve the biggest user base in the crypto industry faster than anyone else.

This is good for you to earn more on internet simply referring peoples that is all and it %100 free.

(Note You Need to confirm your email address a on Ecoin site ). You can also connect the mobile phone number used to telegram and confirm as well to become a fully valid member.

To register or learn more about the Ecoin Site follow the link Ecoin Reward

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